AI For Kids With HyperBooth.Ai

ai caricature of boy

Does your child dream of being a police officer, jungle explorer, business mogul or intergalactic soldier? With HyperBooth.Ai’s new children’s templates, you can bring their dreams to life.

HyperBooth has launched AI image styles for kids. These kids photo styles have specifically been created so that parents and adult relatives can create childrens birthday cards, personalized storybooks and other fun images for their children.

Keeping AI for kids safe

We’ve heard from a few of our users who were frustrated by the age restriction on our image upload. Users want to create cute AI pictures for their kids and grandkids and we totally understand! However, we always put online safety and privacy first and are dedicated to prevent any misuse on our platform. 

But we’ve heard you loud and clear and have created kids styles! Now you can create images of children within these tested and protected templates. Children’s images still can’t be used in Custom Style and we hope you understand.

Read more about how to use HyperBooth.Ai.

Kids style

Our Kids Style category includes a wide variety of templates with something for every child. 

We can only dream of what we see: so let your child see themselves in new ways and inspire their ambition and imagination. 

Does your child dream of building the next tallest skyscraper?

ai for kids, boy as a builder
Made with HyperBooth.Ai

Inspire her to captain her own spaceship and discover new galaxies!

ai for kids little girl in a spaceship
Made with HyperBooth.Ai

Show him that he can be a future CEO.

little boy as a ceo
Made with HyperBooth.Ai

And that she can dream of serving her community.

ai image of little girl as a police officer
Made with HyperBooth.Ai

Kids illustrations 

Have a more artistic vision in mind? Our Kids Illustration photo styles can reimagine your child as an adorable AI cartoon character, caricature drawing or colorful AI art

Kids illustrations are great for making birthday cards, personalized storybooks and stickers, print on posters, mugs, t-shirts, wrapping paper or any other craft or graphic design project you can think of. 

Create personalized stickers for your child and their friends.

ai sticker of a little girl
Made with HyperBooth.Ai
chibi style ai image of a girl
Made with HyperBooth.Ai

Let your child star in their favorite animated movie

ai image of a boy as a pixar cartoon character
Made with HyperBooth.Ai

Feature your child as the main character in their own storybook

ai illustration of a boy playing in the snow
Made with HyperBooth.Ai

Turn your child into a piece of pop artwork!

ai pop art of a little girl
Made with HyperBooth.Ai

Explore AI for kids

HyperBooth.Ai’s new Kids Styles is a fun and safe way to introduce your child to AI. Tag us @hyperbooth_ai on Instagram/TikTok/YouTube or use the hashtag #HyperBoothAi so we can see your cute creations.

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