HyperBooth’s Text To Image AI Updates

We’ve been listening to your feedback and have made some updates to our text to image AI feature. Here’s a walk through of HyperBooth.Ai’s new updates and how you can create even more awesome AI images. 

Open text to image prompts 

By now you’ve probably seen some of our awesome photo styles and generated some great images. Now we’re pulling back the curtain and letting our users see the prompts we used to create our photo styles. 

When you click on any photo styles, you’ll now be able to see the original prompt. 

text to image ai screen shot of text prompt

Edit prompts

In addition to revealing our text to image AI prompts, users can now edit and customise these photo styles prompts. By clicking the edit button you can adjust elements or completely rewrite the prompt to generate a totally unique piece of AI art. 

text to image output images of colourful art of astronaut.
Images generated by HyperBooth.Ai using text prompt

Text to image prompt tips and tricks

If you’re new to text to image AI prompting, have no fear; we’ve also added a link to direct you to tips and tricks on how to write a good text prompt. Be sure to check this out so you don’t waste your free generations! 

In need of inspiration?

To beat the writer’s block we’ve also introduced ‘surprise me’. Clicking this will automatically generate a random text to image AI prompt and hopefully serve up some inspiration for your next creation. 

Get creative

You no longer need to be skilled with a paintbrush or pencil to create amazing art. With text to image prompts anyone who can write, can create stunning visual art and we want to see your artwork! Tag us in your creations @hyperBooth_ai on Instagram/TikTok/YouTube  and tag us at #HyperBoothAi to get featured on our page.

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