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ai influencer portrait red dress

AI influencers are gaining popularity all over social media. Get followers and brand deals without having to show your face, spend money on fancy vacations and clothes or worry about always looking perfect; sounds pretty good! 

What is an AI influencer?

AI influencers are digital characters and personas created to behave like real people online. They post pictures and videos, engage in online conversations and more, with the aim to attract brand deals. 

They’re often created using generative AI, CGI or motion capture technology and can appear photo realistic or as cartoonish 3D characters. 

Appeal of AI influencers

AI influencers allow for a lot of creative freedom, without much money or effort. 

AI influencers can be anywhere at any time, or even multiple places at once. They can also jump between realistic and fantasy worlds easily. 

This gives brands more control and the ability to be more flexible and creative with how their products are marketed on social media and opens the doors to new possibilities. 

Making an AI influencer with HyperBooth

If you want to get in on the AI influencer bandwagon, try creating your character on HyperBooth.Ai. HyperBooth is a great place to generate AI influencer images because unlike many other similar AI image generators, HyperBooth is able to maintain character consistency.

Just upload the same input image each time to create an endless array of AI images. HyperBooth hosts 200+ template styles that can transport your influencer from the boardroom to the beach and from the streets of Tokyo to a villa in Tuscany. 

HyperBooth’s text prompt feature also allows you to create images of any scenario you can think of.

Instagram profile of an ai influencer made by hyperbooth
Images created by HyperBooth.Ai

Size your AI images for social media

As you probably already know, different social media platforms have different image and video sizes, and it’s so annoying when you go to make a post and are forced to crop your image to fit the requirements. 

At HyperBooth, we’ve fixed this annoying issue for all. Before clicking ‘generate’ on your AI image, select the correct aspect ratio that corresponds to the image sizing requirements of whatever platform you want to post on. 

image of ai girl in the forest, aspect ratio 1:1
Image generated by HyperBooth.Ai 1:1
image of ai girl in the forest, aspect ratio 4:5
Image generated by HyperBooth.Ai 4:5
image of ai girl in the forest, aspect ratio 16:9
Image generated by HyperBooth.Ai 16:9
image of ai girl in the forest, aspect ratio 9:16
Image generated by HyperBooth.Ai 9:16
  • Instagram: 1:1 (square), 16:9 (landscape) or 4:5 (portrait)
  • Instagram stories: 9:16
  • TikTok: 9:16
  • Youtube: 16:9
  • YouTube Shorts: 9:16
  • FaceBook: 1:1 (images), 4:5 (video)

We want to follow your HyperBooth AI influencers

Join the HyperBooth.Ai community and share your HyperBooth generated content on social media. 

Tag us in your posts @hyperbooth_ai on Instagram/TikTok/X or use the hashtag #HyperBoothAI so we can see your awesome AI images and follow along on your AI influencer’s journey. 

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