HyperBooth.Ai: Your New Favourite AI Photo App

HyperBooth’s AI photo app is here! You heard that right, you can now create amazing AI photos for FREE with our new app! 

We get it, sometimes you’re out on the go, take a great selfie and want to send it to your friends ASAP. Well, now not only can you send a selfie whilst you’re out and about, but you can transform it into an awesome creation with the power of the HyperBooth AI photo app!

Why download the HyperBooth.Ai, photo app?

The HyperBooth.Ai app allows you to create AI photos on mobile with ease. Share photos with friends, update your profile picture and create the next viral AI photo trend all from your phone.

Where can I find the HyperBooth.Ai, photo app?

The HyperBooth app is now available for iOS and Android, in the Apple and Google Play Stores. 

Download the HyperBooth.Ai app now

Benefits of the HyperBooth app

With the app you can create awesome AI images on the go much easier. You’ll no longer needing to navigate the web on mobile or wait until your home in front of your desktop to create amazing art. 

It’s also so easy to share images from your phone. The HyperBooth app has integrated share buttons so you can send your creations effortlessly on WhatsApp, Instagram and any other social media. 

Download the app now 

Download the HyperBooth.Ai app now and get creative! Tag us in your social media posts @hyperbooth_ai on Instagram/TikTok/X. Use the hashtag #HyperBoothAI so we can see your awesome AI images. You may even get featured on our account and win free credits! 

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