Ditch The Professional Photoshoot And Take Your AI Headshot With HyperBooth.Ai

ai headshot generator man in library

Hyperbooth.Ai’s AI headshot generator is here! Raise your hand if you hate getting your photo taken 🙋🏽and professional photos are the worst.

You spend so much time and effort selecting the perfect outfit, styling your hair and making sure your makeup looks right. Then you’re forced to stand stiffly, pose uncomfortably and smile awkwardly just to walk away with a mediocre picture that maybe you don’t love but don’t hate, and with $100-$1000 less in your pocket. We’re done with this. 

Save time, money and effort

HyperBooth.Ai takes all of the pain and cost out of professional photoshoots. Are you an HR manager in need of headshots of your team? Or are you on the hunt for your next big career move and need a new LinkedIn profile pic? Check out HyperBooth’s collection of headshot styles and take a new headshot in minutes. 

corporate headshot of woman
AI headshot generator by HyperBooth.Ai
AI headshot of woman in pink dress
AI headshot generator by HyperBooth.Ai

Creating an AI headshot you love

With AI photos, the best part is that the control is in your hands. Upload a selfie that you already love to generate high quality results. HyperBooth is sensitive to the input image so bear in mind that the quality of the input will greatly affect the quality of the image generated. Input images must be:

  • Forward facing with unobstructed features (no hats, glasses, hair covering the face etc.)
  • High resolution, no blurry images or pictures of pictures
  • Taken in natural daytime lighting, no color filters or shadowy pictures
  • There must be only one person in the picture standing close to the camera

Read more about how to use HyperBooth.Ai to get the best results.

input and output of corporate headshot generated by ai
AI headshot generator by HyperBooth.Ai
ai headshot of a man in a library
AI headshot generator by HyperBooth.Ai

Personalize your AI headshot to best represent you

HyperBooth hosts a collection of pre-trained headshot templates including simple studio styles, office and city styles. Explore the various options and choose what best represents you and your industry. 

If you have something more specific in mind, try HyperBooth’s text prompt feature to achieve the look you want.  Take a look at some tips on how to write a good text prompt.

HyperBooth will generate four options for you to choose from and if none of those are to your liking, just try again with another template or input image.

input and output of ai generated corporate headshot of man
AI headshot generator by HyperBooth.Ai
ai headshot of a woman in white shirt
AI headshot generator by HyperBooth.Ai

Look and feel your best

With an AI generated headshot, you’ll save time and money on retouching. Our AI technology can subtly enhance your appearance, blur any blemishes or fine lines and neaten hair without compromising likeness.

Go beyond traditional limitations and feel confident taking the next step in your career with an AI headshot generated by HyperBooth.Ai.

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