That AI Yearbook Trend

You must have seen that AI Yearbook trend going around social media recently. And like us, you probably wanted to create your own image only to realise that the AI yearbook apps were so expensive, complicated and time consuming!

Well, not us! With HyperBooth.Ai, you only need to upload one single selfie (no the usual 10-20 that other apps require), wait just 30 seconds and pay $0 to download awesome retro yearbook-style pictures.

With HyperBooth’s yearbook templates, you can easily blast to the past and reimagine yourself as a 90s all American high school student.

Take a look at how to use HyperBooth.Ai for more info on how to get started.

HyperBooth’s yearbook styles

HyperBooth has so many classic 90s archetypes to choose from. What yearbook style takes you back to your 18 year old self? 

Were you an angsty goth girl? 

ai yearbook goth girl
Created with HyperBooth.Ai

Were you an all star American football quarterback?

ai yearbook american football player
Created with HyperBooth.Ai

Or a lover of America’s favourite pastime?

american baseball player
Created with HyperBooth.Ai

Maybe you had your head in the books, aiming for the perfect GPA?

geek boy in glasses and cardigan
Created with HyperBooth.Ai

Or you were that effortlessly cool girl, surrounded by friends, throwing parties and setting trends. 

ai yearbook cool girl
Created with HyperBooth.Ai

Maybe you were a cool guy, rolling up to senior year on your motorcycle. 

ai yearbook leather jacket boy
Created with HyperBooth.Ai

Or the preppy private school girl, heading to an Ivy. 

high school girl in uniform
Created with HyperBooth.Ai

Whatever your retro high school alter ego, you can create it with HyperBooth. Try our text prompt feature for free to create the perfect character.

Have some throwback fun! And get that 90s yearbook look.

AI Yearbook pics with HyperBooth

Get nostalgic with HyperBooth’s AI yearbook templates, there’s something for every high school cliche.

Tag us in your AI yearbook pictures @hyperbooth_ai on Instagram/TikTok/X or use the hashtag #HyperBoothAI so we can see your pictures.

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